All together

Virgin Mobile pampers its members.

Virgin Mobile touts the benefits of being a member by way of cardboard cutouts in this spot, developed by Juniper Park. The phone in the ad, however, is real. Benefits include discounts at H&M, holiday packages and concert tickets, and while the cardboard cutouts are cute, we’re pretty sure that the real things they refer to are a lot better.


advertiser: Virgin Mobile
agency: Juniper Park
ECDs: Alan Madill, Terry Drummond, Barry Quinn
CD: Christina Gliha
ADs: Mike Schonberger, Ryan Teixeira
writer: Matt Hubbard
managing director: David Toto
account director: Leah Ouellet
director: Drew Lightfoot
photographer: John Londono
agency producers: Janice Bisson, Anne-Marie Martignago
media Buy: Media Experts