The first in fly

Foot Locker shows a different side to the Wright Brothers.

Footlocker has revealed a lesser known fact about the Wright Brothers. They weren’t just the first to fly in an airplane, they were also the first “in fly.” The above spot is part of a back-to-school campaign from the sneaker retailer that just goes to show how important a pair of fly kicks are in the lives of teenage guys. The kid in the commercial gives a pretty creative class presentation, and the teacher certainly likes it, but we’re not sure about his teaching qualifications.


advertiser: Foot Locker
agency: SapientNitro
CDs: Scott Higgins, Chris McMurtrey
copywriter: Nick Sylvester
AD: Rodney White
producer: Jim Frame
group account director: Rob Rawley
account director: Mike Reuter
account supervisor: Kristen Bogusz
account manager: Derek Channell
broadcast business: Jennifer Kurtzman
prodco: Biscuit Filmworks
director: Aaron Ruell
managing director: Shawn Lacy
executive producer: Holly Vega
producer: Tracy Broaddus
DoP: Shawn Kim
production Designer: Michael Broaddus
post production: NO6
editor: Jason MacDonald
producer: Toni Lipari