The Hitchhiker

Mini takes a trip to Iceland.

As this spot promoting the Mini Coupe, created by Amsterdam-based BSUR, shows, it’s always an adventure when you’re out on the road with your Mini. The driver of the vehicle featured in the ad got a little more than he bargained for after extending a courtesy during a long trip through the frozen Icelandic countryside. It just goes to show that picking up a hitchhiker can be eerily similar to playing Russian roulette.


advertiser: MINI International
agency: BSUR, Amsterdam
executive CD: Jason Schragger
CDs: Karl Dunn
copywriter David Govier
ADs: Thomas Jullien, Simon Johnson
production services: True North, Iceland
producer: Leifur B. Dagfinnsson.
production manager: Finni Johannsson
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prodco: Thomas Thomas Films
director: Kevin Thomas
executive producer: Philippa Thomas
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editorial company: Rock Paper Scissors
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telecini: Company 3
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