Zero to drama

Cadillac revs up its TIFF sponsorship.

To promote its Toronto International Film Festival sponsorship, Cadillac decided that it would create movie-trailer-like spots that draw comparisons between how long it takes the Cadillac CTS-V to get to 60 km/h and how quickly a movie’s tempo can change. Apparently in both cases it’s 3.9 seconds. That sounds like it makes for a pretty short film. At any rate, the spot above features a couple who get more than they bargained for while hanging pictures. They should chat with their real estate agent.


advertiser: Cadillac
agency: MacLaren McCann, Toronto
CD: Sean Davison
group CD/AD: Troy McGuinness
group CD/ copywriter: Cam Boyd
agency producer: Grace Lee
prodco: Spy Films
director: Ruairi Robinson
cinematographer: Adam Marsden
executive producer: Carlo Trulli
producer: Peter Oad
post house: Posterboy Edit
editor: Mark Pavia
music co and composer: Tyson Kuteyi @ TA2 Music
colourist: Eric Whipp @ Alter Ego