The Browns

Kia points out the consequences of drunk driving.

Kia makes a comparison with this anti-drinking and driving ad that it’s put out in partnership with MADD. Developed by Innocean Worldwide Canada, it shows that the consequences can live with the perpetrator forever, kind of like a tattoo. That’s why the woman in the ad has a tattoo of the Browns on her back. She killed them because she decided to drive drunk and will have to live with it for the rest of her life. Just a tattoo, we’re sure she’d agree, would be infinitely better.


advertiser: Kia Canada
agency: Innocean Worldwide Canada
ECD/SVP: Gerald Schoenhoff
AD: Zachary Muir-Vavrina
writer: Sussana Forieri
photographer: Matt Barnes
retoucher: Matt Barnes
illustrator: David Glantz, Archive Tattoo
mac artist/pre-press: Graham Washer
agency print producer: Delia Zaharelos
account director: Dave Carey
account manager: Doug Harrison
media planner: Karen Hrstic