The Great Happyfication

Coke spills the secrets of happiness.

Coke has spilled the beans. It’s finally shared the secret formula for happiness, which, apparently, is the main ingredient in its beverage, made inside a vending machine by a host of crazy critters. The above video, the latest instalment of Coke’s ongoing Happiness Factory series, provides viewers six and a half minutes chock full of tips on how to be happy care of wham-bam-magic-man Pete and his penguin backup singers, who share the secrets of happiness while also taking viewers on a tour of the massive world of the Happiness Factory.


advertiser: Coca-Cola
agency: Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam
ECDs: Eric Quennoy, Mark Bernath
CDs: Eric Quennoy, Mark Bernath
AD: Mathew Jerrett
copywriter: Sean Vij
broadcast director: Erik Verheijen
agency producers: Olivier Klonhammer
planner: Amanda Feve
group account director: Andrew Kay
account director: Philip Jacobson
account manager: Ilkay Dibekoglu
project manager: Kate Blumer
business affairs: Karen Crossley
prodcos: Psyop/Smuggler
director: Psyop
psyop CDs: Todd Mueller, Kylie Matulick
executive producer: Kim Wildenburg
producer: Amanda Miller
assistant producer: Chase Masterson
animation lead: Dan Vislocky
3D lead: Kyle Cassidy
compositing leads: Danny Koenig, Jason Conradt
storyboard artist: Josh Weisenfeld
editor: Brett Nicolletti
lead flame: Miles Essmiler
lead desktop compositor: Danny Koenig
compositors: Sohee Sohn, Falko Paeper, Cris Kong, Jason Conradt, Joseph Chan
Modelers: Wendy Klein, Rie Ito
riggers: Sean Kealey, Vadim Kivayev
animators: Matt Ornstein, Matt Connolly, Minor Gaytan, Chris Meek, Jakob Frey, David Bokser, Lindsey Butterworth, Sashdy Arvelo, Frantz Vidal, Kevin Koch, Jason Shum, Yvain Gnabro, Michael Cawood, Michael Warner
texture: Wendy Klein, Rie Ito
lighters: Kyle Cassidy, Katie Yoon, Robby Branham, Ryan McDougal, Barry Kreigshauer, Stephen Delalla, Yuichiro Yamashita
particles: Kiel Gnebba, Wayne Hollingsworth, Victor Garza
script: Jesse Kretschmer
sound design: Henry Boy
sound designer: Bill Chesley
executive producer: Kate Gibson
audio post: Grand Central Sound Studios
sound designer/mixer: Raja Sehgal
music company: Human
composers: Edmond Dunne, Timothy Moore, Andrew Bloch, Morgan Visconti