Kyocera builds an acoustic temple at Virgin Mobile's Free Fest.

At Virgin Mobile’s Free Fest, a day of free music featuring the likes of Patti Smith and Cee Lo, tech manufacturer Kyocera decided that it would manufacture a monument to sound. So, it built The Echo Temple, developed by Mother New York, a place where musically inclined festival-goers could control sound by simply moving. The temple included six monolithic speaker towers with motion-tracking cameras encircling a central tower with subwoofers. Participants were able to control melodic instruments’ volume, pitch, or unique audio effect simply by moving their bodies and waving fans branded with special symbols. Being a music producer could never be so cool.

advertisers: Kyocera, Virgin Mobile
agency: Mother, NY, USA
prodco: MPC
head of digital content, US: Wayne Robins
creative technologist: Neil Voss
developer: Brian Chasalow
composers: Neil Voss & Chris Chapman
audio tech: Christopher Burdett
producers: Christos Mountzouros, Matthew Ward
director: Wayne Robins
camera: Adam Donald
production assistant: Alliah Mourad
editorial company: Cut & Run
edit: Alex Dondero, Adam Donald, Wayne Robins
flame: Alex Lovejoy
telecine: Mark Gethin