Baring them

The medium is the message for Rethink Breast Cancer.

Marshall McLuhan would’ve been proud of this latest stunt by Rethink Breast Cancer to promote its Boobyball fundraising event coming up on Oct. 14: the medium was the message. Orchestrated by CP+B, four young women went out in downtown Toronto and¬† played their promotion of the event close to the chest…and Howie Mandel, who randomly appeared, seemed to liked it. We’re not sure exactly how he made his way into this picture (we know he was in Toronto recently for the Canada’s Walk of Fame event) but we’re sure he volunteered to pose in this pic simply because of his philanthropic spirit. He ended up tweeting the stunt to 300,000 people.

advertiser: Rethink Breast Cancer
agency: CP+B Canada
CDs: Aaron Starkman, Darren Richardson, Michael Murray
copywriters: Neil Blewett, Freddy Nduna
AD: Gail Pak
integrated producer: Jennifer Dark
photographer: William Leung, Gillian Parr
retouching: Jeremy Thompson
videographer: Kyle Trotter
account director: Ashley Eaton, Jackie Galvin
models: Candace Bascoe, Sydney Anderson, Alanna Mezquita, Bronwyn Stanowski
make up artist: Kenji Sato
make up artist assistant: Naoko Furukawa
model agency: Cole Event Management