Green tea party

Tetley campaigns one cup at a time.

Tetley’s getting political…well, as political as tea can get. It’s starting its own kind of tea party: the Tetley Green Tea Renewal Party. The goal is to rally renewalists across the country, like-minded people who believe in honesty, personal growth and daily renewal through green tea. The ad, created by John St., plays like a campaign video, a refreshingly positive campaign-style vid compared to some of the other mudslingers that have “graced” Canadian television sets this election season.


advertiser: Tetley
agency: John St.
CDs: Stephen Jurisic, Angus Tucker
writer: Dhaval Bhatt
AD: Malin Holmquist
team leader: Rena Bast
project manager: Joelle Woodruff
account coordinator: Raad Pharaon
producer: Dale Giffen
prodco: The Corner Store
director: Stephen Pearson
executive producer: Susi Patterson
producer: Mary Ann Tevlin
DOP: Marc Laliberte-Else
editorial: School Editing
editor: Chris Van Dyke
assistant editor: Kyle McNair
executive producer: Sarah Brooks
audio: RMW
audio director: Ted Rosnick
executive producer: Jeff Cohen
casting: Mann Casting
casting director: Steven Mann