Mixed and mastered

The Chevy Sonic boasts city savvy.

Chevy has launched its Sonic (hipster) model in Canada and in this commercial, care of MacLaren McCann, the brand explains that in making the car it’s taken some of the best stuff from around the world (including global design, city-savvy “shocking turbo” and fuel efficiency), mixed it, mastered it and put a bow tie on it. We saw no bow tie.

advertiser: Chevrolet Sonic
agency: MacLaren McCann
CD: Sean Davison
group CDs: Frank Lepre, Joe Musicco
ADs: Arron Isaac, Frank Lepre
copywriter: Natalie Greenspan
agency producer: Sarah Michener
account team: Kate MacNevin/ Gail Dhruv/ Kristina Allinson
prodco: Holiday Films
director: Neil Abramson
cinematographer: Neil Abramson
executive producer: Derek Sewell
producer: Kelly King
post production: Rooster
editor: Mick Griffin
VFX: Track and Field
music Company: Silent Joe
track: “Dollar in My Jukebox” by: Diana Salvatore