Juiced up

VW's new beetle bugs out.

Have you ever been so excited about getting a new car that you felt like you could do backflips? Well, the good news about Volkswagen’s new Beetle is that you won’t have to, because it will do them for you. Sort of. To promote the Canadian launch of the car, Red Urban helped VW take over Toronto’s Yonge-Dundas Square, and transit ads around Toronto and Vancouver, with several augmented reality-ready ads. To make them come alive, all people have to do is download VW’s free “Juiced Up” app, view the ads through their smartphone cameras and voila. They’ll get to see a Beetle do backflips, and other impressive stunts.


advertiser: Volkswagen
agency: Red Urban Canada
CD: Christina Yu
writers: Matt Syberg-Olsen, Jon Taylor
ADs: Damian Simev, Liam Johnstone
producers: Andrea Hull, Sam Benson
account director: Nicole Milette
tech consultant: Joe Dee
production: Pixel Pusher
animation/design: Bully! Entertainment
video director/editor: Tyler Williams
billboards (Atrium at Bay and 10 Dundas St. West): Clear Channel