Reitmans is feeling festive.

Reitmans is getting ahead of the game. While everyone else is thinking Halloween, Reitmans and its fashion-conscious frontmen Armand and Albert are already looking toward the festive season. In this ad, developed by Taxi, the duo decide to check out the latest in holiday fashion trends by crashing a potluck party of women who have also mentally moved past October. Potlucks are so last season.


advertiser: Reitmans
agency: Taxi
ECD: Dominique Trudeau
CD: Brian Gill
strategic planner: Fanny Chabot
group account director: Julie Simon
account director: Julie Chandler
CD/writer: Brian Gill
AD: Frederic Roux
photographer: Leda & St. Jacques
print producer: Hélène Joannette
typographer/mac artist: Laurent Trudel, Éric Lefebvre
CD/writer: Brian Gill
writer: Étienne Théberge
ADs: Frederic Roux, Jean-Luc Dion
agency producer: Émilie Trudeau
prodco: Quatre Zéro Un
producer: Philippe Lalande
director: Emanuel Hoss-Desmarais
DoP: Christophe Colette
postproduction: Vision Globale
music: Apollo
sound: La Majeure