Rio Tinto

It's the coolest name for a mining company ever.
rio tinto

Who’d have ever thought that mining was so badass? It could just be the awesome music track that goes along with this commercial for mining company Rio Tinto, but we never thought we’d hear ourselves say, “Man, I want to be a miner!” Created by Cossette, this ad features workers from Rio Tinto (awesome name by the way – it’s like the name of the town where the epic shootout at the end of a western movie takes place) doing what looks to be awesome stuff, and epic scenery shots. Sold. Where do we get our pick and hard hat?


advertiser: Rio Tinto
agency: Cossette
creative VP: Yvon Brossard
AD:Simon Rivest
creative writers: Terry Paquet, Yvon Brossard and Monica Callon
account management: Marie Vaillancourt, Michel-Alexandre Lessard, Louis Duchesne, Julie Simard and Élisabeth Anctil Martin
media planning: Josée Otis and Amélie Lemieux
social media: Sophie Labelle, Benoît Chamontin and Guillaume Brunet
web CD: Daniel Ouellet
web ADs: Daniel Ouellet and Éric Charron
web project manager: Gabriel Rodrigue
technical director: Louis Roy
programmer: Mathieu Gauthier
interactive writer: Tommy Vachon
agency producer: Lyne Leclair