Qualcomm powers up with a creepy-crawly circus.
praying mantis

Qualcomm reckons one praying mantis, one scorpion, one tarantula, a pair of beetles and a couple of cockroaches is enough to power a smartphone. The creatures are featured in an ad for the company, developed by L.A.-based Denizen, promoting its power-efficient Snapdragon mobile processor. The praying mantis takes to a unicycle, the tarantula to a treadmill and the other creatures to various devices one would expect to see at Cirque du Soleil. Each insect adds a bit of charge to the phone’s battery with its circus stunt. For good measure, the grand finale sees a third beetle fired from cannon. As cool as the concept is, the notion of a praying mantis clever enough to ride a unicycle has us bugging out.


advertiser: Qualcomm
agency: Denizen Company
CD: Denizen
copywriter: Denizen
agency producer: Billy Baughman
DoP: Lila Javan
production designer: Gabriel Abraham
model maker: Lawrence Pollman
editorial: Foundation
effects: Factory VFX