Stop the horror

The Boobie Trap is not what you think. Or maybe it is.
boobie trap movie poster sagging

Halloween may be over but there are plenty of other things that can elicit feelings of cold paralyzing fear besides vampires, werewolves and zombies. That’s where St. John’s-based The Boobie Trap comes in. It wants to help stop the horror and eliminate something that’s a nightmare for many women: ill-fitting bras. The ad above, developed by St. John’s-based Target, is shot in a horror-film-esque style, revealing its horror-film-esque title: The Sagging. It’s one of a series of ads developed by The Boobie Trap and Target, including other titles like The Quadraboob and The Shelf.


advertiser: The Boobie Trap
agency: Target
CD: Tom Murphy
creative group heads: Jenny Smith, Jeff McLean
AD: Dax Fullbrook
writer: Sarah Park
agency producer: Cindy Wadden
director: Justin Simms
editor: Patrick Hachey
photographer: Dejan Vuchichevic
post company: Egg Films/Hatch Post
animator: Bob Mills
music: Adam Foran