TBWA's AOY video goes the distance.

TBWA decided it would pull out all the stops on its 2011 Agency of the Year shortlist video, commissioning a feature film. Given the financial turmoil plaguing the world at the moment, a Hollywood production was, unfortunately, impossible. So, the agency opted for the next best thing: Nollywood. Okay, so maybe it’s the next next best thing. For your viewing pleasure: The Revelation.

agency: TBWA
CCO: Jack Neary
CD/copywriter: James Ansley
CD/AD: Mark Mason
senior developer: Thomas Schemmer
editor (agency trailer): David Quach
producer: Vanessa Birze
prodco: Temple Productions LTD
director: Alex Mouth
writer: Kunle Dada
editors: Alex Mouth, Emmanuel Ndejito, Ibrahim Audu
producer MD/CEO: Nwakaego Boyo
research & development/production coordinator: Jennifer Agoawike