Hall of Curiosity

Altoids is feeling artsy.

Altoids is celebrating its curiousness with an art auction. Fans of the little tinned mint can go to the brand’s Hall of Curiosity to check out a selection of extremely curious pieces of art from Altoids’ past that can be bid on. Developed by BBDO in the US, the site is being promoted by a vid that shows a thief absconding with a very curious piece of Altoids art, a golden monkey lamp. We’re curious about why anyone would go to so much effort to steal a golden monkey lamp.


advertiser: Altoids
agency: Energy BBDO
CCO: Dan Fietsam
ECD: KevinLynch
copywriter: Andrei Chahine
AD: Ryan Stotts
client service director: ChrisReed
account director: Emily Kane
account supervisor: Sean Brewster
account executive: Amy Henning
planning director: Shannon Smiley
digital Strategy Director: Leah Gritton
interactive producer: Dan Corken
user experience architect: Josh Friedman
photographer: Ryan Stotts
producer: Meagen Moore
editing house: Whiz Bang
editor: Daniel Ryan
sound designer: Zack Goheen