Feeling lucky?

Fallsview Casino is all about lucky breaks.

This latest spot for Fallsview Casino, developed by Toronto-based Blammo Worldwide, shows how going to a casino is like a coconut falling on your spouse’s head: you never know when you might catch a lucky break. We’re sure that the gent in this ad is thanking his lucky coconuts that one made his wife see stars. Lesson: to get out of the doghouse make sure you strategically plan where you sit on a tropical beach.


advertiser: Fallsview Casino Resort
agency: Blammo Worldwide, Toronto
CCO: Andrew Simon
copywriter: Craig Burt, Ross Pryde
ADs: Jesse Senko, Chris Duchaine
agency producer: Allana Lytle
account: Joyce Ho, Dan Giusti, Hillary Poste
prodco: Holiday Films
director: Steven Tsuchida
executive producers: Josefina Nadurata, Derek Sewell
line producer: Chris Palladino
DoP: James Gardner
editorial: Posterboy Edit
editor: Griff Henderson
sound design: Chris Tait, Pirate
online: Crush
online artist: Julia Deakin
transfer: Eric Whipp, Alter Ego