Less urgent awesomeness

FedEx improves upon goose/puppy relations.

What’s more awesome than a Montreal FedEx office that’s run by a Canada goose sending a hockey stick to a Miami FedEx office run by a puppy? Sending the hockey stick by way of a series of FedEx boxes set up like dominoes, spanning a miniature recreated North America. That’s exactly the premise of this ad for FedEx c/o BBDO Toronto. It promotes how the company makes less urgent shipping to the US awesome. Commercials too.


advertisers: FedEx Canada
agency: BBDO Toronto
CDs: Peter Ignazi, Carlos Moreno
writer: Chris Joakim
AD: Mike Donaghey
director: Jeff Low
agency producer: Beatrice Bodogh
Prodco: OPC
editor: Mark Paiva, POSTERBOY Edit
music: Apollo Studio
colour: Alter Ego
account service: Martina Ivsak, Jaya Gothi