Star Wars. Can't resist, can you?

Montreal-based Bleublancrouge probably had one of the coolest assignments ever. For more than a year the agency worked, in complete secrecy, with Lucasfilm and X3 Productions to develop a new visual identity for Star Wars Identities, an exhibition that sheds new light on characters from one of the most well-known franchises in the world. The identity will support partner museums in promoting the exhibition. The video above, produced by BBR, doesn’t look so much like a promotional video as it does a psychiatry session with Luke Skywalker.


advertisers: Lucasfilm Ltd., X3 Productions
agency: Bleublancrouge
account services: Benoit Hogue
creative department head: Gaëtan Namouric
creative group heads: Sébastien Maheux and Jean-François LeBlanc
creative: Jean-François LeBlanc, Sébastien Maheux, Martin Dupuis, Andrew Lord
graphic Design: Véronique Vigneault
illustration: Louis Hébert
production director: Ève Mathieu
music: John Williams
animation: FLY STUDIO
sound design: Sonart