The break-in

HP laptops are a scream.

San Francisco-based Twofifteenmaccann developed this spot for HP to promote the quality of its dv6t laptop. A man wakes up after hearing a bit of noise somwhere in his house. Fearing the worst, he heads downstairs to grab a putter and take out who or whatever has invaded his house. It’s doesn’t turn out to be what he expected, but he does let out one heck of a scream. He’s one jumpy fellow, as the tagline says, “when movies feel this real, that’s the way it should be.”


advertiser: HP
agency: twofifteenmccann
CD: Tim Stier
ECD: Brad Cohn
copywriter: Niki Clainos
AD: Tim Stier
agency producer: Ben Latimer
prodco: Anonymous Content
director: Markus Walter
executive producer: Jeff Baron
producer: Nina Huang
DoP: Christopher Soos
production designer: Tino Schaedler
editorial: Arcade Edit
editor: Stewart Reeves
executive producer: Deanne Mehling
post producer: Kirsten Thon-Webb
assistant: Garrett Smith
telecine: The Mill LA
managing director: Ben Hampshire
colorist: Adam Scott
online: The Mill LA
mix: Beacon Street
artist: Paul Hurtubise
executive prouducer: Adrea Lavezzoli
producer: Caitlin Rocklen
mix: Eleven Sound
artist: Scott Burns& Jeff Payne
producers: DJ Fox & Caroline O’Sullivan
music: Andrew Feltenstein, Beacon Street