Fry lights

McDonald's fries shine in the sky.

In one of the cooler OOH executions we’ve seen of late, McDonald’s is promoting its french fries with a billboard that can be seen for miles. Developed by Leo Burnett in Chicago, the billboard looks like the staple red McDonald’s french fry box, while beacons of golden light shine high into the night sky to simulate the beloved fries. Fitting, we guess, given so many around the world think so highly of them. It’s too bad you can’t eat a billboard. Just think of what would happen then. No, we don’t know what.


advertiser: McDonald’s
agency: Leo Burnett, Chicago
global CD: Susan Credle
ECD: John Montgomery
CDs: Avery Gross, Brian Shembeda
AD: Tim Ratchford
copywriter: Jason Curry
executive producer: Denis Giroux
sr. producer: Bridget Rose
producer: Samantha Howes
production manager: Gretchen Hernandez
talent manager: Jeff Cowie
TV production: O Positive, New York
director: Kenny Herzog
editorial: Whitehouse Post
editor: Nikki Vapensky