David Suzuki is saving Christmas

He's making sure Santa has a home.

David Suzuki has set out to save Christmas by saving Santa’s home. With the help of its marketing partner, Toronto-based Public Inc, the David Suzuki Foundation has created a website housing a holiday giving campaign that aims to raise funds and build awareness about the effects of climate change, one of them being that if the North Pole melts, Santa will have no place to live. Visitors can “purchase gifts for Santa,” including elf hockey sticks and an environmentally friendly Santa suit, with the money going to helping Santa and his army of elves temporarily relocate and protect the North Pole for their return. Check out the site here.

Have you got any kids in the room? No? Okay, good. The money is actually going to the David Suzuki Foundation to support its efforts to protect the Canadian environment and turn back climate change. Shhh.


advertiser: David Suzuki Foundation
agency: Public Inc.