Survival of the hungry

KFC will save you from holiday madness.

We all know how it gets in December, with the holidays and whatnot. The conditions can be treacherous: long lineups, limited budget, too many people to buy for, angry mall crowds and the shopping, oh the shopping! It’s like going to war. We think. In this ad for KFC, created by Toronto-based Grip, the QSR is letting people know that it’s there to provide you with a little reprieve from all of the madness with its Festive Meal. If that reprieve also comes with a cool, understanding Christmas elf named Carlos who lives in the mini version of Santa’s Village in the mall and acts like he’s seen one too many tours of duty, all the better.


advertiser: KFC
agency: Grip
CDs: Bob Goulart, Dave Hamilton
AD: Jamie King
copywriter: Leilah Ambrose
account services: Lynn Summers, Georgia Fong
agency Producer: Tamir Moscovici
director: Craig Brownrigg
prodco: Radke Films
editor: Paul Proulx, Stealing Time


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