An unexpected friend request

Olla Condoms scares dudes with social media.

To promote its products to men, Olla Condoms decided to use scare tactics through social media. Developed by Brazilian agency Age Isobar, the brand hand-picked a bunch of dudes and sent them a very unexpected surprise. When they logged on to Facebook they would see a pending friend request from a baby sporting their name with “Jr.” at the end. Nothing scares sexually cavalier single guys more than the prospect of a by-accident-baby. At least that’s what we’ve heard. The babies’ profiles directed the dudes to Olla’s website. We’re sure they didn’t even hesitate before clicking on the link.


advertiser: Olla Condoms
agency: Age Isobar
CD: Carlos Domingos
cwopywriter: Ricardo Porto
AD: Cicero Souza