Lambing it up

Brooks Brothers is going for the "awww" factor.
brooks brothers

Brooks Brothers has released a holiday commercial featuring cute singing lambs sporting what appear to be cashmere sweaters (luckily cashmere comes from goats so it’s not weird). As the wide-eyed lambs sing possibly the most famous Christmas song in existence, “Jingle Bells,” the viewer is treated to a doozy of a revelation. It turns out that Brooks Brothers is super old. That’s right, the American retail chain has been around longer than JINGLE BELLS, a song most people would assume predates Jesus. Brooks Brothers was founded in 1818, while “Jingle Bells” was written 40 years later in 1857. You feel that? That’s your mind being blown.


advertiser: Brooks Brothers

Client: Brooks Brothers
EVP: Ken Seiff
sr. AD: Camila Hori
web content: Jason Nickel
prodco: Moxie Pictures
director: Lena Beug
exec producers: Dan Levinson, Karol Zeno
post production: Brewster Parsons
editor: Brett Nicoletti
flame lead: Andrew Eksner
CG: Kevin Jackson, Tikibot
exec producer: Darcy Parsons
music: Search Party Music
composer: Eric Stamile
producer: Meghan Currier