Hollywood unusual

The Whistler Film Festival doesn't do the expected.

The Whistler Film Festival cautions those who attend to prepare for the unexpected. The films it shows don’t adhere to the formulaic Hollywood norm, something that the above ad, a fake movie trailer created by Dare Vancouver, highlights quite well. The animated, Disney-esque film centres on a prince who travels to a tower at the top of which lives a princess. Of course, by now you already know where this is going…that is, if you guessed that this film isn’t so much Disney as it is Scarface.



advertiser: Whistler Film Festival
agency: Dare, Vancouver
CDs: Bryan Collins, Rob Sweetman
copywriter: Mia Thomsett
AD: Rob Sweetman
producer: Mike Hasinoff
account supervisor: Tamara Bennett
prodco: Picasso Pictures, London
executive producer: Jane Bolton, Richard Price
producer: Richard Price
director: Tokyoplastic
production manager: Shiraz Peer Liberman
concept artist: Damian Johnston
matte painters: Nicolas Loudot, Carlos Nieto, Eduardo Bera
modeller & texture artists: Andrew Hickinbottom, Martin Ocheng
rigger: Mark Tsang
animators: Janek Lender, Dominic Griffiths, Ricardo David
generalist: Dorianne Fibleuil
renderer: Ravinder Sembi
compositor: Andy Hague
music/sound design: Adelphoi Music, London
music producer: Greg Moore
composer: Jamie Masters
sound design: Andrew Sherriff
sound mix: Koko Productions
sound producer: Steve Lowe
sound engineer: Chris Hobbs