Amnesty International shows that it only takes one letter.

This ad was created by Toronto-based Agency59 and makes a very poignant point to promote Amnesty International’s Write for Rights. It’s a letter-writing campaign where people from all over the world put their pens, pencils and keyboards to good use, writing letters or cards in support of human rights on or around Dec. 10, which is Human Rights Day. As the ad shows all it takes is one letter to make a huge difference in someone’s life. The photography was donated by Philip Rostron, recent winner of the Les Usherwood Award for career contributions from the Advertising and Design Club of Canada.

advertiser: Amnesty International Canada
agency: Agency59
CCO/copywriter: Brian Howlett
CD/AD: Andrew Gillingham
copywriter: Marshall Bellamy
AD: Laura Kitching
photographer: Philip Rostron