Walmart presents a unique take on a holiday classic.
walmart yodelling cat

Walmart decided that to wish everyone a Merry Christmas this year it would put an…interesting spin on a holiday classic: a cat yodelling “Jingle Bells.” Seriously. The ad was created by Richmond, VA-based The Martin Agency. We can’t help but wonder if the parties involved in this ad have not been decorating trees this holiday season but smoking them instead.


advertiser: Walmart
agency: The Martin Agency, USA
CCO: John Norman
group CD: Joe Alexander
CD: Vanessa Fortier
copywriter: Bob Meagher
AD: Pat Wittich
agency senior broadcast Producer: Pamela Mahan
agency junior producer: Ross Skinner
digital producer: Lalita Koehler
creative hybrid: Chaucer Barnes/Jeremy Lind
animation prodco: Red Car
CD/animation director: Chris Bialkowski
producer: Courtney Fransen
animators: Eric Dalimarta, Garret Walter
managing director: Mary Knox
music house: Comma Music
arranger/musician: Larry Pecorella
executive producer: Bonny Dolan
talent/yodeler: Bob Bowker
audio/post: Particle
mixer: Dominic Morris