The Mummers Festival is...well...unique.

There are all sorts of strange holiday traditions the world over, but perhaps none as strange as the Mummers Festival in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Mummering has been a tradition there for over 400 years and involves people getting dressed up in all sorts of strange, colourful garments. Then, using various breathing techniques to disguise their voices, they make house visits, with the homeowners having to identify their disguised visitors. This ad, by St. John’s-based Target, speaks for itself in terms of conveying the kind of atmosphere that surrounds the festival and aims to show people that this age-old tradition is alive and kicking out east.


advertiser: Mummers Festival
agency: Target
CD: Tom Murphy
creative group head: Jenny Smith
AD: Beau Turner
writers: Alyssa Free, Randy Diplock
UI/UX designer and developer: Chris Da Sie
prodco: Record Time
director: Rick Hollett