Fa la la la fragrant

Hyundai pulls a holiday switcheroo.

‘Tis the season and, as such, many people have been busy sending out holiday cards. Hyundai is no different and it decided to get a little clever with its holiday card this year. Many people have scented trees that they hang in their cars so Hyundai, working with those sly peeps over at Innocean Canada, decided to use its holiday card to flip that model on its head, doling out scented cars for people to hang on their Christmas trees. Yes, they’re clever…clever like a fox.


advertiser: Hyundai Canada
agency: Innocean Canada
CD: Gary Westgate
AD: Damon Crate
copywriters: Matt Beasant, Joe Vu
illustrator: Damon Crate
account team: Mark Berardo, Vidas Kubilius, Joel Vitoreno