Unpark it

Mini minimizes the "@#$%."
MINI Balloon_2

Holiday shopping can be a hindrance, if for no other reason than jam-packed mall parking lots that make it next to impossible to find your car once you’ve finished your holiday shopping. Recognizing that nobody likes to wander a parking lot aimlessly for hours in the cold searching for their car, Mini decided that it would make things easier for Mini drivers. With the help of Taxi 2, it took to parking lots in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal and attached three-foot helium balloons to every Mini that read, “Your Mini is parked here.” For Mini drivers, it minimized the “@#$%” in “Where the @#$% did I park my car?” No so much for everyone else.


advertiser: Mini Canada
agency: Taxi 2
CD: Lance Martin
writer: Mike Blackmore
AD: Jeff McEachern
print producer: Tara Greguric
account manager: Tina Tieu