Never stop

PMMP and milk keep kids going and going.

The Energizer bunny has batteries to keep it going, and kids have milk, says this latest spot created by Dare Vancouver for the Prairie Milk Marketing Partnership. It follows a young girl as she tries out different activities until she finds one she’s successful at. Milk, says the spot, not only helps her keep her body going, but also helps her emotionally persevere through failed attempts until she finally finds success.


advertiser: Prairie Milk Marketing Partnership
agency: Dare Vancouver
CDs: Bryan Collins, Rob Sweetman
copywriter: Bryan Collins
AD: Rob Sweetman
producer: Mike Hasinoff
account supervisor: Carol Shmygol, Mitch McKamey
planner: Jon Haywood
prodco: Sons & Daughters, Toronto
executive producer: Liane Thomas, Dan Ford
producer: Kelly King
director: Mark Zibert
DoP: Marcelo Durst
editor: Matthew Griffiths
post-production: Cycle Media, Vancouver
post producer: Tom Murray
visual effects: Swiss International, Stockholm
executive producer: Erik Holmedal
VFX supervisor: Leo Wilk
VFX team: Bjorn Fredriksson, Jorundur Arnarson, Johan Vikstrom, David Nielsen, Micke Engzell, Josef Bergstrom, Markus Bergqvist, David Holmedal, Simon Ekeberg.
telecine: Company 3, Los Angeles
telecine producer: Matt Moran
colorist: Sean Coleman
sound (“The Face-off”): Vapor Music, Toronto/Vancouver
executive producer: Gavin Nevsky, Lindsey Bates
creative director: Joey Serlin
sound engineers: Julian Rudd, Andrew Harris
licensing: Vapor Music
song: The Pixies, “Where is My Mind?”
music/sound design (“Downhill”): Adelphoi Music, London
music producer: Greg Moore
composer: Jamie Masters
sound design: Andrew Sherriff
sound mix: Koko Productions, Vancouver
sound producer: Steve Lowe
sound engineer: Chris Hobbs