Pretty is poison

Environmental Defence warns about cosmetics that kill.

Putting on makeup is kind of like being a contestant on a game show where nobody wins and the consequence of playing is being poisoned. A pretty grim game to be sure, but Environmental Defence, the environmental organization that lobbied for a ban on Bisphenol A in baby bottles, wants Canadian women to know that there are many cosmetics sold in Canada that contain cancer-causing, hormone-disrupting and allergy-inducing substances. Developed by Toronto-based Open, the above ad uses that game show scenario to urge the federal government to ban such harmful ingredients lest cosmetics users everywhere continue to play Russian roulette with their rouges and lipsticks.

advertiser: Environmental Defence
agency: Open, Toronto
partner creative: Martin Beauvais
partner strategy: Christian Mathieu
project lead: Anne Ngo
agency producer: Anna Tricinci
writer: Rich Cooper
AD: Simon Tuplin
client: Environmental Defence
executive director: Rick Smith
director of communications: Stephanie Kohls
communications manager: Erin Charter
communications coordinator: Aviva Friedman
toxic program manager: Maggie MacDonald
prodco: Partners Film, Toronto
director: Aleysa Young
executive producer: Aerin Barnes
DP: Ray Dumas
line producers: Amalie Bruun & Shannon Brand
production manager: Shannon Brand
assistant director: Eric Kaskens
set designer: Alan Fellows
casting: Andrew Hayes, Powerhouse Casting
post production company: Panic & Bob Editing, Toronto
editor: Matthew Kett
assistant editor: Jason Cook
executive producer: Sam McLaren
transfer: Notch, Toronto
colourist: Jason Zukowski
online: Panic & Bob Editing, Toronto
online artist: Andrew Hobbs
online producer: Bobbi Dedman
music and sound design: RMW Music, Toronto
producer/track director: Ted Rosnick
sound design: Vlad Nickolic
engineer: Dustin Anstey