A serious sport

OLG proves that playing rock, paper, scissors can be profitable.

For too long roshambo, a.k.a. rock, paper, scissors, has been overlooked – a sad, serious and unfortunate crime. Historically it’s been dubbed a game of leisure rather than a competitive sport, and wrongfully so. Like the last kid to be picked for a team during gym class it’s watched, heartbroken, from the sidelines as other “games of leisure” like darts, billiards and beer pong received their day in the sun, becoming recognized and celebrated as serious competitive athletic endeavours. Recently, however…a breakthrough. Roshambo has finally received its long awaited, precedent-setting moment of glory, being given the chance to rise up from the depths of sporting obscurity. Thanks to the efforts of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Coporation, roshambo can, at long last, claim its rightful spot in the annals of serious competitive sport. This ad, developed  by Toronto-based Due North communications, shows exactly how serious a sport roshambo really is.


advertiser: OLG
agency: Due North Communications
SVP/CD: Karen Howe
associate CD: Shawn Wells
agency producer: Kali Kyriazis
VP group account director: Rob Nadler
account executive: Jessica Snook
prodco: Holiday Films, Toronto
director: Wayne Craig
executive producers: Derek Sewell, Josefina Nadurata
line producer: Marie Robertson
DoP: Steve Danyluk
editorial: Stealing Time
editor: Leo Zaharatos
colour grading: Alter Ego
colourist: Eric Whipp
audio: Pirate
audio director: Terry O’Reilly
audio executive producer: Taissa Callaghan