Switch it up

The LCBO offers guys a change of pace.

Figuring that guys will be spending most of their post-holiday season on the couch, the LCBO has launched a new campaign, developed by Cossette, on how to “Switch it Up.” It set up Switchitup.ca, which presents them with three sets of options – who they would like to hang out with, where they would like to hang out, and what they would like to be doing – from which they can create a custom video to share with their friends through their social networks. Of course, the real intent of the website is to offer a variety of drink choices for those nights in. It’s the first all-digital effort from the LCBO. If they give it a second crack we’d suggest that hanging out with Olivia Wilde be an option. Just sayin’.


advertiser: LCBO
agency: Cossette
CD: Daniel Vendramin
AD: Shawn James, Jesse Pearson, Daniel Vendramin
copywriters: Sean Atkinson, Craig Rowe, Josh Budd
design: Tom Koukodimos, Jesse Pearson, Daniel Vendramin
producer: Jim Fitzpatrick
line producer: Graham Purdy
director: Jesse Shamata
prodco: Imported Artists / LCBO
DOP: John Tran
editor: Aaron Berardi
music/sound: Tattoo Music, Drew Frohmann
visual SFX: School / LCBO
motion graphics: Thinktank Creative
web developer: Latham Bromwich
digital strategy: Tim Dolan
digital production: Pralad Rao
photographer: Per Christianson