Conquer winter

Kia gets you out of a snowy situation.

Winter can be a nasty beast. And while this winter has been unseasonably mild (in Ontario at least), this spot for the 2012 Kia Sorento reminds us that a horrible winter storm could be just around the corner. And you know what comes after a horrible winter storm? A horrible winter snow monster, that’s what. So you’d better find a car that can handle harsh weather conditions. Kia would like to be that car.


client: Kia Canada
advertising agency: Innocean Worldwide, Canada
creative director: Gerald Schoenhoff
art director: Jon Lane
copywriter: Brendan Sack
agency producers: Melanie Lambertsen, Tara Hall, Kathy Byrne
production company: Spy Films
director: Ruairi Robinson
DP: Newton Thomas Sigel
visual effects: The Embassy
editor: Chris Van Dyke
sound design: RMW