Roadside ditch

DirecTV doesn't want you to end up in one.

When your cable company keeps you on hold, you get angry. And, as this spot for DirecTV demonstrates, that sets off a chain of events that eventually land you in a roadside ditch, beaten by thugs and wearing an eye patch. Okay, fine, this might not happen to you, but why take the risk? DirecTV suggests you cut ties with cable immediately. Or, alternatively, you can avoid playing racquetball when you’re peeved.


client: DirecTV
advertising agency: Grey, New York, USA
chief creative officer: Tor Myhren
executive creative director: Dan Kelleher
associate creative directors: Doug Fallon, Steven Fogel
agency executive producer: Andrew Chinich
agency associate producer: Lindsay Myers
production company: MJZ
director: Tom Kuntz
director of photography: Emmanuel Lubezki
editor: Gavin Cutler
editorial company: MacKenzie Cutler
sound design: Sam Shaffer, MacKenzie Cutler
VFX: The Mill, Schmigital
VO: Robb Webb