League Against Cancer wants to keep coffin sales down.

Reminiscent of a Disney Pixar flick, this spot for the League Against Cancer is sure to hit a high note for anyone who loved Ratatouille or The Incredibles. Developed by Y&R Peru, the animated commercial boasts about the beautiful craftsmanship of coffins, with their velvet cushions and gold trimmings. But we’re with the singers – we’ll take a pass on using one any time soon. Prevention is key, you see (at least that’s what the video’s YouTube description says).


advertiser: League Against Cancer
advertising agency: Y&R, Peru
ECD: Flavio Pantigoso
head of art: Christian Sánchez
copywriter: Flavio Pantigoso
agency producer: Patricia de la Cuba
animation: Zeppelin, Lima
directors: Nelson Wissar, Henry Gates
executive producer: Daisy Salas
audio: Noize, Lima
music: Pelo Madueño
planner: Eduardo Grisolle
account supervisor: Manuel Ahumada
account executive: Gabriela Misari