Flea circus

Sears Optical puts on a show.
flea circus

Men usually have nothing to stare at except for advertisements and the walls when using bathroom urinals, so Sear Optical thought that it would give them something else to look at while relieving themselves: its flea circus. Working with Montreal-based Lg2, it set up different flea circus events on top of urinals in Quebec. Of course spectators can’t actually see the fleas, which is why Sears Optical subtly suggests that it might have the right pair of glasses to help them see the little insects perform their death-defying stunts.


advertiser: Sear Optical
agency: Lg2
CD/copywriter: Luc Du Sault
AD: Vincent Bernard
producer: Julie Pichette
account managers: Sandie Lafleur, Sylvain Morin, Stephane Mailhiot