Let it grow

The Weather Channel meets the Lorax.

The Weather Network wanted to draw more people to its online properties so it decided to team up with Universal Studios and leverage the star power of The Lorax, a character that has its origins from the Dr. Seuss book. Proving, as always, that Dr. Seuss was ahead of his time, The Lorax (written in 1971) is about the fate of the environment after a a character called the Once-ler cuts down all the trees in a Truffula forest to support his “Thneed” industry. The Lorax speaks for the trees to save the forest and the future. The Weather Network, working with Toronto-based Henderson Bas Kohn, developed a Lorax-themed website that allows users to plant their own Truffula tree in support of the Nature Conservancy of Canada, with the goal of raising $25,000. Website visitors also have the chance to win a trip to LA to attend a Hollywood movie premiere, as well as movie passes to a pre-screening of the movie version of The Lorax.


advertiser: The Weather Network and MétéoMédia
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strategy:Umar Ghumman
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