Faces of abuse

HRSDC takes on elder abuse.
elder abuse

This spot against elder abuse for Human Resources and Skills Development Canada  shows that sometimes the people closest to our elders are the ones causing them pain. Take the conversation the elderly lady in this ad has with the younger woman (presumably her daughter). Everything seems to start off okay, but then a dark pall is cast upon their convo when the younger women changes her sweet tone.

advertiser: Human Resources and Skills Development Canada
agency: Acart Communications
senior CD: John Staresinic
CD: Tom Megginson
associate CD: Vernon Lai
ADs: Kerry Hodgson, Javier Frutos
copywriters: Tom Megginson, Vincent LeBlanc
production manager: Lynn Norris
agency producer: Pierrette Bornais
account director: Gillian Todd-Messinger
account manager: Tania Glithero
media strategy: Sue McKinney, Kevin Scannell, Natalie Lafleche
prodco: La Cavalerie
director: Dominique Laurence
producer: Émilie Heckmann
production manager: Sébastien Poussard
DOP: Jonathan Decoste
artistic director: Susan MacQuarrie
editors: Hubert Hayaud, Benoit Marcoux
stylist: Marie-Claude Guay