Let your body drive

Peugeot presents a choose-your-own-adventure.

The video above is a trailer for a new interactive choose-your-own-adventure game care of Peugeot, BETC Euro RSCG Worldwide and Euro RSCG South Africa. The game promotes the Peugeot 208, a car that was designed to be an extension of the driver’s body, so the title of the game, and the tagline for the car, “Let your body drive,” should come as no surprise to you. What will come as a surprise are the crazy hijinks that the game’s main character gets up to. We’re not sure if he’s lucky, or extremely lucky. You get to decide that.


advertiser: Peugeot
agencies: BETC Euro RSCG, Euro RSCG South Africa
agency management BETC Euro RSCG: Henri Tripard, Julien Grimaldi, Thomas Boutte, Xavier Blairon, Olivier Sentucq, Maxime Huyghe
agency management Euro RSCG South Africa: Kate Lambon, Kate Pearce
global CD: Rémi Babinet
CDs: Anne-Cécile Tauleigne (BETC Euro RSCG), Jonathan Deeb (Euro RSCG South Africa)
AD: Romy Lunz (Euro RSCG South Africa)
copywriters: Balekane Mokaditoa, Jeff Harvey (Euro RSCG South Africa)
music advisor: Christophe Caurret
music supervision: Rob Schroeder
prodco: JUMP
director: Mike Middleton
producers: Leann Carr
music: Jamaica, “I Think I Like U2″
editors: Warner Chappell, Rob Schroeder, Robroymusic