Budweiser bottles Winnipeg passion

More heartfelt Canadiana from the beer brand.

There’s no crying in baseball, but Budweiser must think it’s allowed in hockey, because the brand is back with another ad tugging at the heartstrings of every puck-loving Canadian. Following its Super Bowl ad, which had the beer brand send a flash mob to a rec league hockey game in Port Credit, ON., Budweiser has created a special beer brewed specifically for Winnipeg Jets fans to celebrate the return of the team to Manitoba. Dubbed Fan Brew, the Budweiser blend was created with New York-based ad agency Anomaly, using water that was placed in vessels around Winnipeg during the Jets’ opening weekend this fall and blessed by fans, according to a release. Some of this water was placed onto the ice on opening night, with the rest brewed into a limited edition Budweiser beer, of which 24,000 cases were created. We can’t help but wonder what the Fan Brew tastes like…Like the inside of the Stanley Cup? Like the tears and sweat of every hard-working Winnipeger? Like regular beer? Nah, impossible.


advertiser: Busweiser Canada
agency: Anomaly
prod co: FamilyStyle
directors: Jon and Torey

With files from Val Maloney