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The Dairy Farmers of Canada have got it backwards.

Who’d of thought that chocolate milk is a good post-workout recovery beverage for athletes? Certainly not many. That’s probably why the Dairy Farmers of Canada decided to launch a campaign featuring these two ads, created by Toronto-based Due North Communications, that show athletes doing things backwards, first crossing the finish line, going back to the starting line and then all the way back to the day before the race when they imbibe in some chocolate milk. And why not? Chocolate milk is a tasty drink and there’s nothing backwards about that.


advertiser: The Dairy Farmers of Canada
agency: Due North
SVP/CD: Karen Howe
ACDs: Shawn Wells, David Gee
account director: John Pace
account supervisor: Garin McIntosh
producer: Louise Blouin
director: Sean Thonson
prodco: Sparks Productions
exec producer: Andy Crosbie
director/cameraman: Sean Thonson
post house: Panic & Bob
editor: Andy Ames
audio house: Pirate Radio and TV
audio supervisors: Terry O’Reilly and Chris Tait