Epic hammering

Hornbach hammers take you places.

Hammering things can be therapeutic, provided you’re getting your materials from the right place. As this spot by Heimat in Berlin shows, when completing your DIY projects using products from German home improvement store Hornbach, the act of, say, driving a nail into its rightful place can be so sublime that one second will seem like an entire peyote trip.


advertiser: Hornbach
agency: Heimat, Berlin
CD: Guido Heffels
account: Mark Hassan
director: Martin Krejci
prodco: Stink, Berlin
executive producer: Jan Dressler
DOP: Stepan Kucera
editor: Filip Malasek, Prague
telecine: Seamus O’Kane, The Mill, London
online: Stephane Allender/Tom Sparks, One of Us, London
music and sound design: Thomas Berlin, Berlin