Brain scan

Take Alzheimer's disease personally.
brain scan

People should take Alzheimer’s disease personally. Why? Well, because it steals memories, and one in four Canadians has a family member with Alzheimer’s. Heck, a Canadian is diagnosed with dementia every five minutes. The above vid, created by Rethink in Vancouver for the Alzheimer Society of BC, illustrates by way of science what dementia is and what it does to the memories that we cherish.


advertiser: Alzheimer Society of BC
agency: Rethink
CDs: Ian Grais & Chris Staples
AD: Leia Rogers
writer: Bob Simpson
broadcast producers (in-house): Laura Rioux, Daniella Sorrentino
account services: Glen Chalcraft, Rethink Communications
director: Steve Gordon
prodco: Untitled Films
executive producer: James Davis
line producer: Kate Dale
DoP: Steve Gordon
post-production: Rooster Post Production
animation: Hatch Studios
design Director: Larissa Ulisko
editor: Christina Humphries
assistant editor: Deborah Gurofsky
hatch executive producer: Randi Yaffa
hatch producer: Holly Nichols
rooster executive producer: Melissa Kahn Original Music: Robert Smart
audio house: Wave Productions
producer (Audio House): Colin Weinmaster
engineer: Craig Warrian