Double Darrin

The Goodyear/Fountain Tire guy needs his eyes checked.
fountain tire

He’s been in Goodyear/Fountain Tire commercials for as long as we can remember and now he’s back gracing our TV screens once again. Thom Sharp, a.k.a. the Goodyear Tire Guy (Fountain Tire Guy), stars in this latest commercial for Fountain Tire, created by Toronto-based Due North Communications. It promotes the company’s owners, who are hand-picked, featuring the owner’s “personal promise” as well as pointing out that owners not only run the stores, but are personally committed to getting customers to come back. Mr. Sharp has a bit of trouble determining who the owner is…or isn’t. He looks good for a guy who’s been in tons of tire commercials, but his eyesight would seem to belie his youthful disposition.


advertiser: Fountain Tire
agency: Due North Communications
CD/writer: Karen Howe
ACD/AD: Shawn Wells
account director: Jeff Robinson
agency producer: Louise Blouin
director: Kevin Donovan
prodco: Wilfrid Park
exec producer: Angie Colgoni
line producer: John Durrant
editing: Panic & Bob
editor: Andy Ames
online: Crush
audio: Pirate Radio & TV
audio director: Terry O’Reilly