Force shaping

Star Wars characters are the sum of their parts.

A little while ago, Montreal-based Bleublancrouge (BBR) created a video that, at first glance, looked to be made up of moving, transforming Rorschach blots. Upon closer inspection viewers would have noticed TIE fighters in the blots. Crazy they are not (though if they were, that would be an awesome kind of crazy). The video was made to reveal the theme of an exhibition having its world premiere in April at the Montreal Science Centre, called Star Wars Identities. The exhibit will shed light on the iconic characters stemming from this oh-so-holy of movie franchises by exploring the theme of identity, or “the forces that shape you.” With the opening of this awesomesauce exhibition (which we totally plan on attending) drawing closer, BBR has released some promotional portraits that would make even the most stoic of Jedi Knights lose their shit. We certainly did. The illustrations were inspired by the individuality of each character – the things that make them who and what they are. BBR has collaborated with X3 Productions for Lucasfilm all the way through this project. Lucky jerks.


advertiser: X3 Productions for Lucasfilm
agency: Bleublancrouge