Open season

Taxi wages war against the pothole.

The return of spring means one thing to drivers: potholes. Those things in the road that appear, some small, some as big as the Marianas Trench, each one annoying to the nth degree, not to mention the damage they cause. Taxi Montreal, having had enough of these p-holes, decided to put its collective brainpower behind developing a solution. And so, Pothole Season was born, an app and website that help drivers combat the springtime pothole epidemic by allowing them to flag pothole locations using Google Street View. There’s a lot more this pothole deterring app can do. The video above, created by Taxi Montreal, will explain. In French.


agency/advertiser: Taxi Montreal
ECD: Dominique Trudeau
CD: Jean-François Houle
AD: Frédéric Roux
copywriting: Martin Charron
production: QuatreCentQuatre et The Barn&Co.
project manager: Nada Debay
agency producer: Maxime Boivin, Jacques Latreille
photography: Alain Desjean
retouching: Visual Box
mac Artist: Patrick Saunders
print producer: Hélène Joannette
coordinator: Anne Gouin
media: Média Experts
video editing: Minh Tran
social media public relations: Rock&Social
public relations: Morin Relations Publiques
stunt: ALT